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This book is an excellent read. There were many topics that resonated with me. I agree that women need to stand in their power and not give up the fight for equity. Beauty is indeed a social and patriarchial construct and social media really does try and mostly succeeds in hijacking women's voices when they should be working with to bring much needed change. I do not know what they are afraid of why they try to control our narratives and our bodies. As a pediatrician working in a community where there are lots of teenaged mothers, I will be recommending this book so they can begin what the author refers to as their "confidence journey." I liked that she dedicated this not only to her mom who made her an "imagineer" but also to "the men who have the courage to love us responsibly." So much to unpack and think about. Again, an excellent read!

Michelle Morgan-Randall


The book was an easy read but the content was very deep and thought provoking. I remember at least 2 incidences where I was offered managerial positions but turned them down because I didn't think I was good enough, not qualified enough or " too black" to lead a group of white folks. I loved your definition of beauty. The section that focused on comparisons between children definitely hit a sensitive spot. I felt like you were describing my childhood days. Great book to add to your collection. This book was well thought out, well researched and a great tool to help us women to deal with our "stuff". Thanks Judz for opening our eyes to no longer standing on the sidelines but to step out and make a change. Badass indeed! Love it!! A must read!!!!



This book by Judith D. Hall is so relatable. It reminds me of all the issues I faced in high school with peer pressure and a lack of confidence. There were also a lot of things I had never heard before like the chinese golden lillies and the breaking of little girl's feet so they would have tiny "lotus feet". I think it was a very dangerous practice and as the author said some girls died of infection. I loved the poem at the beginning of the book. In celebration of women she writes that women are "the mothers of paupers and kings and the connecting links in universal things" very beautiful. And yes I am looking for a day when there is equality between women and men. There is so much to talk about here. I want to encourage everyone to read this so we can understand each other better. Thanks for a very funny, educational and informative read.

Albert Thompson


I read this book and I was totally blown away. I know the author said she wrote it for women and girls. I am neither, but I saw myself in it word for word. I suffered chronic insecurity for years. I never knew I was handsome. When told so, I would get really embarrassed. I have missed many opportunities because of my inferiority complex. Great piece of writing. I am sure men, not just women should read this book.

Francheska Lorman


Your professionally researched information on women's marginalization throughout centuries and time creates awareness in even the most simplistic or frivolous of minds. I believe it will impact self-esteem and self-confidence in women positively. The weaving of the past and present has established a bridge for the future that will impact the fortunate people who get the privilege to read your book. As an avid reader and an author I truly know and appreciate great literature and this book did not disappoint. It is refreshing, captivating and inspiring. I think everyone should read it. I mean everyone!

Pauline Barker


I finished this book in a day and a half. I could not put it down It reminds me of all the ways my younger self suffered from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. I wish I had had a book like this to empower me back then. I read and reread the chapters. I was up late and early because I wanted to read more and more. Excellent read Great job badass woman!

Read More Reviews at Amazon Well written! The author presents a comprehensive analysis of the challenges women face when seeking to assert themselves... Read More Reviews at Amazon This book is an excellent read. There were many topics that resonated with me. I agree that women need to stand in their power and not give up the fight for equity...

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