15 Surprisingly Effortless Hacks to Make Your Child Fall In love with Reading Today!

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You get my 15 proven strategies to get your child reading more competently and willingly.

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A fun, step by step approach that makes implementation easier and guaranteed to yield results.

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Simple techniques that you can employ to foster a love of reading.

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Oodles of motivation and an easy to read format that will help your child excel at reading.

About Judith D. Hall

Judith D Hall Profile Picture Hi, my name is Judith D. Hall. I am an Author, Educator, Transformational Speaker, Life Coach and Chaplain. Whew! That was a mouthful. The title I am most proud of, however, is ‘avid reader’ because reading can be credited for every milestone I have ever achieved.

I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to educating and developing young minds. I am excited to share these 15 creative and interactive strategies with you that will totally transform the reading experience for both you and your children and grandchildren. Whatever your family structure is and you have reluctant readers or you just want them to read more, these strategies are for you!

Here is what you can expect from this listicle: engagement, entertainment, FUN! Education. Did you notice anything strange about this list? I hope you did because I wrote FUN in all capitals and I wrote education last. My reason for that is simple and it is something I embraced over the life of my very successful teaching career: when engagement, entertainment and fun collide, the end result is education without the fear of learning. These activity based strategies have transformed my students into avid readers. I know you will enjoy this a lot.